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VisionWest Home HealthCare offers the following high quality services to ensure you, or your loved one, can enjoy life in home. If you are unsure if you qualify for free support, use the links on the Resources page, or call Home HealthCare on 0800 222 040 for assistance.  We will develop with you an individual Service/Care Plan to provide personal care and / or practical home support.

Our quality Support Workers are caring, professional, safe, reliable and empowering.

In addition to Home HealthCare’s services, The Salvation Army’s wide range of services is also available to both clients and families, uniquely differentiating Home HealthCare from other service providers.

Model Of Care

18 Oct | 2016

Our model of care. Home HealthCare is committed to providing the right care for your needs t ..

Personal Care Assistance

17 Oct | 2016

Personal care assistance involves bathing/showering, dressing, toileting, mobility assistance, m ..

Home Help

16 Oct | 2016

Home help assistance includes household management and hygiene (vacuuming and dusting), bed-maki ..

Respite Care

15 Oct | 2016

Home HealthCare Support Workers can offer respite care. This is a break for you, the carer,  ..

Medication Oversight

14 Oct | 2016

Medication oversight involves nursing services to manage regular taking of medication. Home  ..

Private Care

13 Oct | 2016

For those who do not meet DHB, Ministry of Health and ACC criteria or for those who require supp ..

Disability Support

12 Oct | 2016

Home HealthCare are committed to providing disability support to the highest standard. Nurse ..

Chronic Long Term Support

11 Oct | 2016

Home HealthCare are committed to providing chronic long term support to the highest standard.  ..

Individualised Funding

10 Oct | 2016

What is Individualised Funding? IF is a scheme that allows people with a disability greater fl ..