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Privacy Policy


Your privacy is important to VisionWest Community Trust (“VisionWest”). As a community organisation, we are committed to protecting the personal information we collect from our clients and those who use our services from time to time.

By providing your personal information to us, you consent to our collection, storage, use and disclosure of your personal information in accordance with our Privacy Policy.



To provide you with the right support, we need to collect and hold personal information about you. This includes personal facts like your legal name(s), date of birth, and contact information. Other information will relate to how we agree to work together to support you. This may include information about your health, housing, income and employment needs.

We only collect information we consider necessary for our services and welfare activities.



VisionWest will not sell, trade, or deal with your personal information either for financial, or for any other reason. 

As a general principle, we will also not provide your personal information to others without your consent. However, to enable us to conduct our care services more effectively and for your benefit, it may be necessary for us to share your personal information from time to time with government agencies and other stakeholders. This will be primarily driven by the motivation to achieve the best outcomes for you. 

From time to time we may be required to share your personal  information with other parties, such as agencies involved in supporting your needs or statutory and support organisations, including some of the following: 

  • A person or service provider engaged by VisionWest for the purpose of providing services to you, or on your behalf;
  • Any third party to whom or to which  we are obliged by law to provide information (i.e. Ministry of Social Development (including Work and Income), Statistics New Zealand, Ministry of Health, Regional District Health Boards, Accident Compensation Corporation (ACC), Clinical Support services such as Community Mental Health, general medical practitioners, etc);
  • Any other party you have authorised us to provide your private information to;
  • Any person dealing with a situation integral to your wellbeing in circumstances where you are not capable of providing the information yourself, including, without limitation, medical emergencies;
  • Any agency providing information about you as part of our assessment of your suitability for employment, including, without limitation, the New Zealand Police;
  • Other persons or organisations that we may notify you about from time to time;
  • Other departments within VisionWest.

While other parties may have access to your personal information for the purpose of providing you with certain services and assistance, we will not authorise them to use your personal information for any purpose that is inconsistent with VisionWest’s Privacy Policy.

Any information disclosed to any of parties mentioned above or to support agencies will only be disclosed in accordance with VisionWest’s obligations under the Privacy Act 1993 and the Health Information Privacy Code 1994.

We may also share your personal information with other agencies not specifically mentioned above if you have specific needs which require greater or more specialised assistance and support. The purpose of sharing your personal information is to greatly improve the quality of outcomes for you. 

If you have concerns about sharing your personal information with any of the parties we’ve mentioned above or any particular agency, please inform us immediately. 



To help us improve our services you may be invited to take part in an evaluation of VisionWest’s performance and overall support to you. Your key worker will provide more information about this. 

Please note that we collect non-identifying information for evaluation and research purposes.



Providing your personal information to us is entirely your decision. We do not seek to elicit your personal information from you or from anyone else known to you without your consent. We will not unduly influence you to disclose your personal information to us or to 

anyone else. 

Providing your personal information to us is entirely your choice, and you may choose not to do so. However, please bear in mind that if 

you choose not to supply your personal information, then certain services may not be available to you and we will be restricted in the assistance that we can provide or that we can arrange for you from other support agencies. 



Under the Privacy Act 1993 you have the right to ask to see all information we, or other agencies involved in your support, hold about you. You also have the right to ask them, or us, to update or correct that information. 

You can request to see this information, or raise any queries that you have, or make feedback about VisionWest’s services or requirements, by writing to:

The Privacy Officer,
VisionWest Community Trust,
97 Glendale Rd, Glen Eden, 

We may change our Privacy Policy from time to time, and we encourage all clients to contact us to get a current copy of our Privacy Policy.